The upcoming film epic, "Godman" includes a segment where the Crusading Protagonist organizes 'The Holy Band of Men and Women,' an Ecumenical army, that peacefully resists Injustices with the 'Full Moral Authority' of God.

Neal Kent Lekwa, writer of the screenplay, began the project in 1963 in Oslo. His intention was to return to Union Seminary in NYC in 1965 - 1969, which is where much of the film's action middle story narrative is centered. During those times incredible forces were at work within the Religious Activist community in  Morningside Heights in Upper Manhattan. With its array of seminaries, churches, synagogues' and mosques, the Gandhi/MLK non-violent protest model was in full bloom. It was a particularly furtive time and place with interfaith activity.

The Author wishes to portray the fervor, and the events, of that period faithfully.

This website is an attempt to activate certain activities, and blogs, to shed further light on that era.

The Author also intends to translate  those '60's Activist events and experiences into a meaningful Multi-Faith dialogue regarding  peaceful interfaith Activism today. 


Neal Kent Lekwa


Report from "Confronting Islamophobia" - a two-day Inter-faith Conference at St. Marks' Cathedral, Seattle, May, 2011 - click for Full Report HERE

  Mission:  To reach out to Inter-faith allies to conduct vital research for a feature film involving ecumenical activism in the '60's.

  Purpose:  To solicit feedback from top professional clergyman from different faiths regarding Activism, of the Gandhi/Martin Luther King  'Satyagraha' "Truth Force" model, for creating a 3-Abrahamic Religions' Moral Ground of Authority.

  Goal:  To gain further insight into the 60's Activism movement, from those who may have participated, and to gauge
and judge the current fertile environment of the global mood for peaceful religious-grounded, Multiple-Faith Activism in today's world.

  Blogs: Designed to exchange current information, and opinions. (Click on "Why Aren't We Marching Again?" - the 1st blog.)


The "Invisible Sword", with invisible blade, 'Love and Love Alone,' of the 'Band of Holy Men and Women' in the upcoming feature film, 'Godman.'

The Modern Blog - "Why Aren't We Marching Again?"

Since Mahatma Gandhi marched to the sea to make salt, ultimately bringing down British Colonialism and making India an independent country, and MLK later marched to Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery and D.C. with ordinary poor people, all colors, faiths, arms linked, winning Civil Rights for Blacks; and, the current 'Arab Spring' in the Middle East showing non-violent protests (i.e., Egypt), including sit-ins, causing major shifts in governance...

Our question is, with the Events of today in America with all of the Middle Class's base thrown up for grabs, with social and moral values and economic wealth shifting decidedly upwards, with wars continuing unabated, including nuclear proliferation - 'Why Aren't We Marching Again?" Where is the Moral Ground, today, for enacting non-violent, peaceful change? Does it lie with the 3 Abrahamic religions united in protest? (as is portrayed in 1967-69, and again in '88 in Godman?)

So far, some interesting responses from those who DID march. One Selma marcher believes marching to be ineffective today. Please add your voice to the mesh. Go to - "Why Aren't We Marching Again" Blog.